Dream American

by Digital Hell



2019 Funeral Home Sounds


I gotta smoke just to make me feel something
im feeling old got that benjamin button
pretend to be straight but that made me feel nothing
call me a dyke now i got your ass running
im broke as hell but im still gon be stunting
im black as hell but im still gon be stunting
smoke me a blunt just to go to sleep
SWV you know im feeling weak
i need a bitch thats gon sing me to sleep
i need a bitch who dont know she a freak
i take an addy i call it a treat
i wanna die like every other week
i wanna die but im still at my peak
cute black girl she all in my sheets
she sit on my face and call it a seat uh yeah she call it a seat
i need a bitch thats like megan thee stallion
im smoking weed so you know that im wilding
im mad as fuck but im still gon be grinding
you know im cute and i dont even be trying yeah

whole lotta guns like im black water
might serve your shit if its backwater
run up that pack its on back order
might shoot some shit like im chris dorner
and i want that crib out in great falls but im not really trying to buy it
and you know i copped that whip just to fucking crash nah i aint try it
and you know we got that sound that make your girl horny and make you wanna bite it
see me hopping out the four door with the kitchen knife like we ain't fighting

when i wake up i feel like shit
smoke me a blunt then i grab me a clip
im pulling bitches like a motherfucking tick
but look at my head and you know that its sick
i wanna look up so i hit me a lick
go back to the crib and i smoke me a zip
acid on my tongue take a motherfucking trip
now im seeing blue like a motherfucking crip
i pull your bitch and i dont need no drip
i pull your bitch and i dont give her a tip
pour me some henny and i take a sip
i kill a racist make their family say RIP

put the jet fuel in the lariat
three hundred horses my chariot
cant carry this weight so im selling it
cant nobody touch me im celibate
talking big might get you rubbed like a clit
this clip hold thirty got enough for your clique
this duffel bag full of drums call it a kit
feel like sony when i put out the hit
we in the back burning loud like its dresden
polo givenchy you see how we dressing
people get shot over crumbs its depressing
gotta keep ten rounds on me its no stressing
i flip a pound and i call that investing
shot up the car but he lived thats a blessing
you say you the best but you sound like the rest
i talk to god but i aint even dead yet

make you eat shit like your name divine
m night shamalyan make em see signs
my girl she a freak and you know she a dime
beat em in six seconds call it a vine
columbine shawty you know i do crimes
smack a bitch ni**a if he bumping sublime
i cant see you ni**as so you know that im blind
i dont wanna see yo ni**as so you know that im blind

*Skin'n Jones (Sahsa Provolone) guest verse*


released August 11, 2019
all sounds by Digital Hell (chay and jimmy) ft Sasha Provolone aka Skin'n Jones


all rights reserved



Funeral Home Sounds Richmond, Virginia

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